Partners in Family Law Bulgaria

Family Law Bulgaria is a cooperation of independent family lawyers, dedicated to advise the clients on all areas of family law in international and cross border family law matters.

Legal services are provided in cooperation between the Law Firm Vaičiūnas and Vaičiūnas and Family Law Office Bekirska & Partners – expert in family law of Bulgaria.

Family Law Office Bekirska & Partners, based in Sofia, Bulgaria, is the expert in family law of Bulgaria and private international family law. We are family law professionals who deal with all kind of family law issues. We work on local, national and international /cross border cases. Our team was established as highly professional team of attorneys-at-law, specialized in family law. We provide our clients with detailed legal consultations, comprehensive examination of their case, assessment of the needs and the risks, mediation procedures and litigation before the national and international tribunals. In order to protect the clients’ human rights, we use to take some cases before the European Court of Human Rights as part of our strategic litigation initiative. The litigation before the national courts is based mainly on the international standards on family law and goes beyond the limits of the Bulgarian law. Our team is highly educated, extensively experienced and empathetic to your situation.

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Law Firm Vaičiūnas and Vaičiūnas, based in Vilnius Lithuania, is a coordinating partner of Family Law Bulgaria and the expert in family law of Lithuania and private international family law. Vaičiūnas and Vaičiūnas was established in 2009. The main practice area of the law firm is family law. Advocates of the Law Firm have extensive and unique experience in dealing with family law disputes, including cross border and international family law cases. Quality of the services, efforts for peaceful settlement of family dispute, adherence to ethical standards are the background, on which the Law Firm stands when serving the client.

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